LaVonne Keal

Coach + Consultant + Educator + Speaker 


With over 25 years of diverse experience in management, leadership, consulting, and coaching, LaVonne Keal specializes in the dental and medical aesthetics industry for the past 18 years. Dynamic and collaborative, with an innovative ability to solve problems and support others to realize their potential, LaVonne is passionate about what drives and motivates people and establishing strong supportive cultures and consistent and effective workflows as a result.


She is a preferred partner and facilitator with “Everything DiSC”: A personality tool and application designed to create a lasting impact on individual and organizational performance and culture. Offering assessments and training for Workplace, Management, Work of Leaders, Agile EQ, Productive Conflict, and Sales.


LaVonne is also a preferred partner and facilitator with “The 5 Behaviors”: This model focuses on building skills and understanding in the areas of Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results which challenges teams to rethink their approach when working together.


As a consultant, coach, and educator across Canada, she offers guidance in operations, communication, culture, HR, and growth strategies. LaVonne's journey from team member to management to consulting, including her tenure at Patterson Dental as the Practice Optimization Manager, equips her with a deep understanding of the challenges her clients face. Her strengths lie in thriving under pressure and instilling values like growth, innovation, and passion in her team, ensuring they deliver excellence to clients.



  • At Keal Consulting Group, we're a team of dedicated professionals committed to guiding our clients through challenges and nurturing their growth journey. 

  •  With a diverse range of expertise, each member brings their own unique experiences to the table, ensuring that our approach is both comprehensive and tailored to your needs.

  •   When you partner with us, you're not just tapping into one person's know-how; you're benefiting from the collective wisdom of our entire team. This collaborative effort allows us to deliver holistic solutions that draw from a wealth of diverse perspectives and insights, providing you with the support and expertise you need to succeed.

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What I am:

Transformational Coach that partners with individuals and organizations to navigate change, starting with change within, so they can reach their full potential.

LaVonne is also a speaker, thought coach, storyteller, visionary, entrepreneur and the president and founder of Keal Consulting Group a transformative consulting and coaching company.  Keal Consulting collaborates with a network of professionals carefully chosen to provide further resources that will support her clients to achieve their goals.

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