"When you invest in your people, they will invest in You!"



"If you can't change something, change the way you think about it" - Mary Engelbreit

The goal of the coaching services offered through Keal Consulting is to support individuals in reconnecting with their passion for work and life. Our coaching packages and programs provide support to:

▷ Gain clarity and self-awareness about what you want, future areas for growth and what is contributing to current results.

▷ Empower individuals to establish and take action toward achieving desired goals.


▷ Overcome what is inhibiting their success.

▷ Gain more work and life satisfaction.

▷ Contribute more effectively to the team and the organization.

▷ Increase employee engagement.

▷ Increase confidence.

▷ Improve work performance.

▷ Build effective communication skills.

▷ Better align with what you need, want and value.

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Individuals may seek more out of their current lives, careers, or relationships and do not know where to start.  They may repeat the same self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent them from moving forward.

Life coaching is a creative process that brings further clarity and supports individuals to stay on course and gain the confidence to design the life they truly desire. 

Life coaching also supports your growth and contributes to your success within your organization.  Overcoming what is holding you back and strengthening your personal foundation through coaching can also impact your connections with your team and enhance your performance within your organization.

Consider life coaching if you are lacking clarity, feeling stuck, striving for more fulfillment, desire more connective relationships, and/or would like to grow! 

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Why should you hire a business coach?  

A business coach can help other business owners achieve their goals and overcome challenges they may face.

With formal training and certification with Coachu and membership through the ICF (International Coaching Federation), we are equipped to help you move forward with confidence.

Business coaching may include elements such as clarity of vision, uncovering blind spots, aligning with your purpose, goal setting and taking action, elevating performance,  leadership development, communication, work/life balance, elevated team engagement, and growth - personal, professional, team, and organization as a whole.

Consider business coaching when you feel stuck, reach a plateau, and/or are looking for growth and accountability.

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Stepping intentionally towards your desired goals can be a daunting task.

Whether you are a dental student transitioning into your first dental practice, a dental owner looking to add an associate or considering a transition, a team member striving for advancement or to take on more responsibilities, or a team member that is having difficulty transitioning into your role or connecting with their team, Keal Consulting has coaching programs to fit your individual needs.

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