When should you hire a dental practice management consultant?  

If you are seeking to grow or optimize your practice and elevate your team, a dental practice management consultant can provide you with the support, resources and training you may need to

  • Help you forecast current and future needs
  • Provide communication training to increase case acceptance
  • To elevate your patient experience and team engagement
  • To develop and integrate effective, efficient systems
  • Support you with creating the resources for your HR needs
  • Facilitate effective meetings
  • Support expense management and increase revenues and profits
  • To analyze your current results and implement strategies for better outcomes
  • To increase patient loyalty and increase patient satisfaction and referrals
  • To provide management and key players with leadership training and the tools necessary to grow the practice.
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The Keal Consulting Group supports dental owners and teams with their growth and development and overcoming challenges they may face,  We take a collaborative approach and believe that the contribution of the team is essential for positive lasting change and to maintain or establish a positive culture.  If you are not satisfied with your current results, are feeling overwhelmed, or would like another perspective contact us so we can further discuss how we can best support your needs

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