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Aug 03, 2021

“Real Transformation requires Real Honesty 

If you want to move forward – get real with yourself” 

Bryant McGill


Welcome to my blog.


For those that know me, know that I always have something on the go – I can’t sit still.  I thrive on learning, adventure, trying new things and sharing this with like-minded women. 


This has been somewhat challenging these last couple of years, but I feel community is needed now more than ever to support each other through these ever changing and challenging times.


My wish for you is that you find the resources that will be provided as valuable as I have.


My wish for us is that we create a community that experiences and explores topics that inspire and support us on our own journey centered around Growth, Beauty and Creativity.

You may be wondering - why these topics.

Growth is one of my values.  It means everything to me.  Growing as an individual, a friend, mother, wife, daughter, as a colleague, leader and a professional.  You may be reading this and think there is nothing that I would want or need to change.  For that I congratulate you but at the same time want to ask you – if you could have or change anything else what would it be?


Beauty to help us identify and develop our inner and outer beauty and support the beauty in others.  When we feel good about ourselves on the inside and out, we tend to show up in the world differently.  We see things from another perspective, we tend to take more chances and seize more opportunities.


Creativity to further develop our skills and talents.  We all have them but often we don’t often take the time to enjoy them, further develop them or explore any new talents we have not considered that would bring us joy and that we could share with others.


I have found these 3 elements have made a tremendous impact in my life and l have seen the impact they have made in others.


As we take this journey, I want to leave you with a few questions to contemplate.


How often are you truly real with yourself?  Do you allow yourself to sit still with your thoughts and emotions long enough to take in and embrace what dissatisfies you and what brings you joy, or do you keep busy and bury those thoughts and emotions deep inside? 


Do you allow your thoughts and beliefs to control you and your circumstances?


Do you tell yourself you are capable of anything and are driven to learn and develop your special strengths and talents or do you lack the confidence to believe in yourself, so you tell yourself where you are at is good enough? 


Do you strive for perfection thinking no achievements are ever good enough?


Do you have strong supportive relationships with yourself, and others at home, socially and professionally?


Do you feel beautiful on the inside and out and do you see the beauty and gifts in others? Are you judgmental or envious of others or are you supportive and do what you can to lift them up? Do you stand in the shadows hoping not to be noticed or do you crave the attention of others?


Are you embracing the gifts and talents you have been given?  Are you free spirited and open to trying new things outside your comfort zones?


Maya Angelou said it best…


“Do the best that you can until you know better, then when you know better, do better.”


I am looking forward to getting real with all of you – to know better and to do better.


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