As You Are

Aug 09, 2021

Striving for perfection, unhealthy competition, keeping up, giving up, and self-sabotage is exhausting and can often result in a step back instead of a step up.  Often times I have to remind myself who am I doing this for?


As I watched the athletes at the Toyko 2020(1) Olympics I started to reflect on this further.  The topic of mental health became a hot topic as the pressure that Simone Biles experienced was more than she was able and willing to handle.  What she did after was remarkable and a lesson we can all learn.  She put herself first.  She still showed up and cheered on her teammates and she competed in one last event when she was ready - on her own terms.  She owned where she was at mentally, emotionally and physically and did what she could when she could not for her team or the country but for her.


We may not all be Olympic athletes, but we put undue pressure on ourselves every day whether it is comparing ourselves to social media, competition with each other to get ahead at work, trying to have the supermodel body or the celebrity life.  At times it’s just too much.


Which made me ask again, who am I doing this for?


Am I doing this to keep up, stay ahead, to have enough to be enough or am I doing this for me?

Instead of doing more, what will happen if I do less?   Instead of speeding up what if I slow down?


When I dress up is it because I feel like I should or because it makes me feel good.  When I eat healthy is It because I feel like I have to or that I am nourishing my body.  Am I fitting self-care in or am I excited and make it a priority?


What if we changed our perspective and said I am enough as I am and therefore, I get to treat myself with the love that it deserves.  I get to live a healthy lifestyle because it makes me feel good, I get to dress in the manner that makes me feel good when I step outside my house, I get to do less but excel at a few good things instead of trying to master many.  I get to have good habits and raise my standards because I am worth it. 


Would we be kinder to ourselves and others?  Would the self-sabotage, poor habits and negative patterns cease to exist?  Half the time we are fighting with ourselves; things we have not addressed, fears, limiting beliefs and in return experience shame, envy and blame.


Today is time for a RESET.   It’s time to go for GOLD today and every day because you are enough as you are.  Being enough however does not mean that you have to stay in the current circumstances or conditions that are not serving you well.  Being enough means you are worthy to step into the life you want, need and value. 


Together Let’s Step UP and GO FOR GOLD!

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