Apr 05, 2023

One of our favorite family destinations is Hawaii.  We have become accustomed to the local amenities and hotspots and find ourselves visiting the same restaurants or staying at the same series of hotels.  However, there have been times we found ourselves disappointed to find some of our favorite things have changed. 


It started with our once-favorite restaurant that had the perfect breakfast.  Quality food, with generous portions but not too much, fresh local pineapple, and garnished with a gorgeous orchid on the side.  It was the spot we visited often, raved about and referred to family and friends.  Over time we started to notice the flower disappeared, then the fruit, the potatoes had changed from fresh to a frozen blend.  Our once favorite destination had become a spot we visited on occasion.  Deep down we had high hopes that it would turn around as it still had the same amazing view and outdoor seating to take in the fresh ocean air.  It has been years and yes there have been additional changes but still not back to what it once was.


I get change must happen as things are changing all around us.  Costs continue to rise, employers struggle to retain their employees, as a society we are busier than ever and our customers may not show their loyalty by moving on to the next best thing. In response, we may resist the change that is necessary to grow or we adapt by cutting corners, or in a sense - giving up.  However, we can choose to look at change differently.  Rather than looking at how we may be negatively impacted, how can the need for change open us up to explore new possibilities or new ways of doing things that would position us better than what we started with?  We can choose to look at the need for change creatively and innovatively - in ways that make us stronger as an organization and that set us apart from our competitors.


Your customers, patients, and team are impacted by the changes you make or fail to make so ensure the change is memorable and keep them coming back for more.  Change that excites them, makes their lives easier, gets them talking to their friends and family, and motivates them to post their incredible experiences on social media.


Contact us today to learn how we can support you with the change that is needed in your organization to stand out and align with your company's vision.


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