Apr 05, 2023

What we do or fail to do daily creates our reality.  We may have the best of intentions to do better tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year but often find ourselves faced with the same results.  Here are 3 simple tips for creating habits that last!


  1. First, we must recognize WHY we feel the need to change a habit. What is driving the change?  Is it in an attempt to improve an aspect of our life or our organization, due to a wake-up call that we are responding to, in response to competition, or perhaps we have a new awareness that we are now responding to?  What is driving the change can often determine if we will stick to new habits we attempt to make.  If the need for change is not something that is urgent or what we perceive as important enough, then new habits more than likely won’t have a chance.  We must want to change and the desire for change must be stronger than the status quo.  How would these new habits serve you?  What would be the payoff?  Make it exciting, something you would be willing to fight for.
  2. We may think we need to make big shifts to achieve our desires, but we often set ourselves up for failure before we even start. Going all in can work for some people in some circumstances but if it is too far out of your norm chances are you will eventually revert to what is comfortable.  All it may take is that one time when you are strapped for time, are tired, or just aren’t feeling it and you slip. That perceived misstep turns into guilt, shame, and disappointment.  Small changes over time lead to big results.  Start small and make changes that you can stick to consistently until they become second nature and then add another one and another one until you are seeing massive change without feeling massive pressure.
  3. Mindset is critical when it comes to habits. Rather than operating on autopilot and going through the motions what if you were intentional about what you are hoping to achieve?  A mindset shift can mean “just” going to the gym to intentionally train for cardiac health.  It can shift from I have to go to the gym, rather to I get to go to the gym.   Habits are easier to stick to when they are intentional, and we change our inner dialogue.


If you are struggling to stick to habits you would like to adopt, contact us to learn how we can best support you.


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