Personal Power

Aug 08, 2021

The most common way people give up their personal power is thinking they don’t have any”. Alice Walker


Personal power - what is it?  There are many interpretations of what this can entail but I want to share with you from my experiences what I have found to be true and how when you use your personal power in a healthy way how impactful it can be to all aspects of your life.


Personal power is responding versus reacting.  It is having the ability to control your emotions so you can think clearly and respond in a manner that takes both sides into consideration but allows you to still be heard and maintain healthy boundaries for yourself.  It means being able to walk away and be happy with how you handled the situation.


Personal power is not playing the victim.  It is taking accountability for your actions and involvement to your situation.  Every decision you make results in a consequence and your decisions have led you to where you are today.  What you do about your circumstance will  provide or take away your personal power.  Are you playing a victim or are you taking control of your circumstances?


Personal power is being kind, empathetic, fair and free of judgement.


Personal power is a state of mind - its how you show up and having confidence in yourself and your abilities.


Personal power is not asserting your power over others.  It is not gossiping or casting stones.  It is about approaching each individual and situation with a chance to connect, to learn and to support rather than to judge.


Personal power is knowing you are capable of anything you set your mind to and know you are the one that is control of your life and your outcomes.


Personal power is showing up and performing at your best at all times even when no one is watching.


Personal power is loving your whole self from the inside out and having a strong personal foundation.


Personal power is being of service to others.


Personal power is knowing you live an abundant life and practicing gratitude.


How often do you give away your personal power?  Due to many of the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves we can give away our power without even realizing it.  How often do you complain versus try and find a solution?  How often are you negative rather than optimistic?  How often do you gossip rather than connect?  How often do you react rather than create win/win scenarios.  All of these situations limit us personally and professionally.  They prevent us from achieving advancements, from being recognized, from having healthy relationships, from going after what we truly want and to our overall happiness.  Take notice … when are you giving away your power and what can you do to get it back?


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