Aug 09, 2021

I wished I knew then, what I know now.  We have all experienced these thoughts at one point or another.  This rang true for me as I sat in a workshop years ago learning the power of values.   I guess you could say I had a lightbulb moment.  If known earlier, this insight would have acted like a compass to provide me with much more direction and clarity, to ask more insightful questions and to help me identify what would fulfill my personal and professional needs and ambitions.


It became clear as to why I was not satisfied in so many of my career paths, why at times I lacked confidence and what I needed to become my authentic self.


I was the awkward kid, the insecure teen and as an early adult, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up, which came much later in life.  I was scared to have a voice as I didn’t feel worthy of standing up for what I wanted or believed in.  I sabotaged myself in many ways and struggled from weight issues, failed relationships, and lack of success.  Fear led my behavior, ending in damaging results.  In an attempt to be more in “control” I strived to be perfect.  Perfect weight, perfect job, fully independent, to feel beautiful and confident.  I put up many walls – not healthy ones.  Walls that shut the good things out like the ability to ask for help, to be vulnerable and to embrace who I was instead of who I was trying to desperately to be. 


My values once identified helped me better understand what I needed – and what I didn’t.  They allowed me to take steps in my life to protect those values, to ensure my needs were being met and so I could confidently pursue my goals.


Values are those things that matter to you the most.  They empower and energize you and provide clarity and direction.


“Creating a Life that Reflects Your Values and Feeds Your Soul is a Rare Achievement”

                                                            Bill Watterson


                                    But isn’t it worth it when you do!

                                                            LaVonne Keal

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